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Black Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese Tart

So there’s this thing about extending lockdowns…

and the emotion it evokes…

and I feel for everyone from the front line straight through to the ones sitting on the green couch at home…

As Forest Gump would say

- “the problem is, sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks to throw…”

Having somewhat of a rock problem in my back yard, and an old squash shoulder… I can still manage to rather feed unsettling emotions with a black mushroom and Parmesan cheese tart for breakfast, than throw rocks.

A tart brightens up even day ‘break’,

and pretty soon after we can easily “OM”mmmmm-chant our way through the news of the day 😊

• Start with puff pastry and bake a disc

• Fry up some mushrooms, and finely sliced shallots or some onion, and a bit of garlic to ensure social distancing

• Add some lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of truffel oil if you have

• Add some chorizo even, if you happen to have that!

• Load mushroom filling, some scoops (1/2 tub) of crème Fraîche (this is key to facilitate emotional feeding) and at least a cup or so of Parmesan shavings

• Spread evenly over the pastry disc, leave a thin pastry edge to grab with your fingers when eating

• Bake until golden


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