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our smoking policy 
Yes, we DO see you secretly puffing that e-cigarette, and that cigar smoke hanging around the outside windows…! 
Unfortunately (and this is not because of more recent health and saving planet movements…) 
we do not permit smoking at the tables… 
not at the seated paving tables, not in secret, 
not in e- form, 
and not in plain sight in case that was still considered an option… 
Afro-Boer “a Baker’s Café” is a non-smoking establishment. 
We do however understand the urgencies that comes with the need to smoke, 
and suitably so we have allocated smoke-friendly areas. 
Feel free to sit in the veggie patch on the stone wall - it seems to draw quite a smoker’s hub these days! 
Also, any of the benches on the garden should suffice. 
We thank you for your sense of adventure in accommodating a win-win environment 
for all smoking and non-smoking patrons

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