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l   our pet policy   l

Afro-Boer “a Baker’s Café” is indeed a pet friendly Establishment! 
We are however quite careful to also be patron friendly as well, 
and are well aware that (unbelievably so!) even in these modern times, that not all folks are pet friendly… 
Because our care belongs to our customer first, 
we ask that you please keep everyone on a leash (ummm we mean the four legged family members in particular!) 
You will kindly be required to sit in the seated paved area outside, 
(of course not when its hailing and there is thunder and lightning…) 
but please be patient while we find alternatives should we be full and there be no tables available outside. 
We ask that you excuse us if we move you around so that we can accommodate all the patrons as an entirety, 
and thank you for adhering to all the requirements that try to meet.

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