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baked strip_edited.jpg
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baking orders framework  l

Please place your baked needs questions and enquiries via WhatsApp 

- you are most welcome to send an email, but do take note our office is not seated with a laptop in front of us. 

Although we do check mails daily, we prioritize first contact dutifully to all our patrons already standing in front of us… 

Although most of us do actually work through the night on planning and brand expansion, 
the phones are left switched off to charge when we are not trading 
- so we ask you kindly to please consider the response time should your query reach us outside of those hours. 

All orders placed do need to be paid in advance to confirm the order 
- and the pick-up time and date has to be confirmed on our baking sheet 
to prevent any cakes falling onto the floor so to speak!

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