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sunset soiree

l  sunset soirees  l

“A Soireé - an elegant intimate evening party or gathering, typically in a private house or room for conversation or music…” 

For a small function set-up which is hardly ever possible during our busy trading hours, 
we have created an option towards the end of the day where we utilize the White Elephant Room 
and the exit towards the lawn in front of it for an informal stand-around sit-around with running courses of food 
compiled of bar snacks, platters, flatbreads, soup cups, small pies, bowls of salad, and a finishing off of something sweet. 

We keep the numbers to an intimate approach of 20 or less persons in total to be able to ensure comfort and movement, 
and pre-arrange the bar and bar counter for efficient beverage service. 

Do send an email enquiry to for a small special gathering option.

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