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Christmas Sangria

“Let’s move to sundowners”

Christmas Sangria - by the jug…! 🎄

• Fill a pretty jug with 2 cups of ice

• Take 1 bottle Rosé, empty out over the ice

• Top with 3 small mixing cans, or 600ml ginger beer (ok well 2 bigger cans will also do fine)

• Add 1 apple very finely sliced in whole thin slices, 1 lemon cut into 8 trimmed wedges, 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds and 8 basil leaves

• Pour a small tester glass, sip away whole stirring the jug through, top up the tester glass some more… sip away again whilst stirring a bit more just to get that extra icy condensation trickle down the sides of the jug…

Serve jug with a ladle to scoop out the garnish into some short stemmed glasses, top up with the sangria - enjoy ☺️


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