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We need the Bees!

So we must feed the bees!

The days are already much warmer, and slowly we are saying goodbye to Winter. But the rain will not be here for another few weeks, and the majority of plants and trees have still not started to bloom yet.

A patch of 'wild'garden for the bees to enjoy!

So for the bees it has been a long Winter.

What can you do to help?

1. Head over to the nursery and find some plantlings that is already flowering - plant those all over your garden.

2. Make a water bath for the Bees. We uses a container. filled it with water, stirred a spoon of sugar in it, and added some wine corks to create an area where the bees can sit to drink.

3. Plant a mixture of plants that has flowers with lots of pollen and nectar, bees love these. Also create a nice wild area in your garden that you just water and otherwise leave the plants and grass to grow as they wish.

4. Doing these things does not help if you use pesticides and fungicides - they kill the bees as soon as the drink from that plant. All natural, organic herbicide is the way to go. There are some great recipes on the internet!

Water, a bit of sugar and some wine corks.

And then sit back and relax and enjoy all the activity in your garden Xx

Our organic herb and vegetable garden.

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