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Naartjie-Paloma cocktail with Champagne 🥂

It’s my sister’s second lockdown birthday so in her absent honour, I have decided to make her a 🥁

Naartjie-Paloma cocktail with Champagne 🥂

Get together a lemon, a naartjie, some tequila, rosemary sprigs, lemon syrup, glasses, ice and MCC or Champagne

• Squeeze the naartjie like a lemon to juice it

• Pour naartjie juice into a cup or glass or fancy bar shaker, add some ice blocks (about 6 will do) and a tablespoon of lemon syrup

• Pour two tots (approx 50ml) of tequila over the ice as well and stir this leisurely to allow enough melt and release some flavour and dilute the tequila somewhat

• Put a rosemary sprig in each glass and a small thin lemon (you can also use lime) wedge

• Pour this mix through a strainer, sieve, or just take the ice out and divide equally between the two garnished glasses

• Get the bubbly out the fridge and ready to open - perhaps move to the lawn, and if you have a sword and it warrants a Sabrage-opening ask all kids and dogs to stand clear… 🗡


**Do not open the bubbly over your wooden cabinet bar, if it sprays you have to stop and clean everything to save the antique wooden shelves…

(don’t think messing like this is very French, might be more Mexican! Do not slurp the champagne off the shelf even if you feel like it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤩)

• Top the glasses up with the bubbles, give a nice stir, find someone to hold the other glass, and in your best French say “bonne santé” - to good health 🍾 🥳

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Diani van Graan
Diani van Graan
17 серп. 2021 р.

Hierdie lyk heerlik!


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