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Meyerlene Mathey

Jacaranda Memories

(For L-D) 1950- 2020

I walk down the path

under the purple rain

Memories of you

flooding my brain

The way we where then

Laughing and playing

Joy bubbling up in who we were

while praying

October exams

Shakespeare “Shall I compare thee with summer?”

I know it by heart and not by number

Oh! the delight of summer!

A purple blossom fell

You gently touched it’s softness

“Poetry for all seasons” Page 3

You recite it to me - a Jacaranda offering

“I carry your heart with me

I carry it in my heart

It is always with me

Wherever you go I go my dear

I want no world but you my love”

You captured my eyes

For a moment in time

There I wrote you a rhyme

“Purple rain

Falling on the path

Memories of you

flooding my brain”

You died suddenly

Too soon, my love

You are the purple rain

in my daily October

My song in the night

A Jacaranda garland on my head

Your life engraved in my brokenness

If I could touch you,

Just for today

I see your beautiful face

I feel your lips

Today after all these years

I touch you gently

with my fingertips

Forever my love

We were a purple song!

under the rain

“I carry you in my heart forever”

The Jacarandas are in full bloom

Under the sultry summer sky

I shed crystal clear tears and have my daily cry

I miss you, my love

You visit me in my dreams

Sleepy or awake

I do write about you in word-streams

Vivid reflections…oh! how you beam

I will sing my song to you

Under the purple rain

I sit in our memory lane

Forever my love

Will I miss you

Does time ever end?


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