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Mathoka Mogashoa

Purple Jacaranda

I was walking past the jacaranda tree in October 17

And somehow got lost in it’s beautiful trance that put me into a standstill,

I lingered around looking at the purple flowers,

What a beautiful tree,

Maybe it’s the color purple that caught my attention,

it’s majestic hold

All I could do is admire the distinct beauty of the flower,

I stared with respect,

It conveyed so much royalty elegantly,

I could almost see you at that moment

It’s attractive and long lasting beautiful purple flowers, left my mind inhibited by you

blooming so lithely

Painting the city of Pretoria with abundant Grace and magnificent beauty lighting up the whole city

It portrays so much strength

It’s so much like the power you hold to occupy and stay wandering around in my mind.

it resembled everything that you are. Purple Jacaranda the most powerful beautiful tree


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