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Do you know what do the Covid-19 Restaurant Restrictions mean...

Do you know what do the Covid-19 Restaurant Restrictions mean…

(and yes, we have been inspected, twice… so we still try and follow all the rules)

Patrons are required to wear mask at all times, when walking through the restaurant, to the bathrooms, to the cake counter and to the tables…

when seated at a table, patrons can remove their masks

Patrons are required to sign a register upon arrival for contact tracing purposes, and to further have their temperature checked for fever, as well as to sanitize

Patrons are required to minimize movement in the restaurant and in-between tables, adhering to a 1,5m social distancing when at the counter, check-in points, pay points or any queue

Restaurants are required to permit only a limited amount of staff in the kitchen allocated specifically to a single work station, and the staff adhering to a 1,5m social distancing in between stations and each other

Staff are required to follow the front and back of house compliance protocols listed on the walls in our entrance which would include sanitizing, checking in daily and completing a Covid-19 screening sheet, the cleaning protocols, delivery protocols, and stock sanitizing protocols

Restaurants are restricted to a 50pax capacity, or with an out-door venue a maximum capacity not exceeding 50% of the premises We have closed of the “baker’s café” access to the play area and benches so that we can follow the 50pax restrictions requirement, the limited staff in the kitchen can provide sufficient service, and so that we can create a second premises

In lock-down Level 5-3, we had opened the Spaza Shoppe. With a self-serve food store the restaurant check-in, and limited movement restrictions do not apply.

We are now turning this Spaza Shoppe into the “café deli and coffeeBAR” where self-serve allows us to a further 50pax on a second premises and offer more menu-style food options to enjoy at the

coffeeBAR or on the garden benches


CoVid 19 Alert level 1 18 September 2020
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