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The feel of my café is very uniquely non-traditional but could very well include a bit of zulu on my stoep and boerekos in my kitchen.

I am creating a place where I can wear a Madiba t-shirt whilst walking over a Nguni-cowskin to my fresh boere beskuit on some painted antique afrikana shelf, soulfully humming along to Ladysmith Black Mombasa jiving in the background...

Afro-Boer baker’s café has been open since August 2013.


It has won multiple prestigious awards with “Eat-Out Magazine”, “Best of Pretoria”, “Diner’s Club Wine Awards”, “TripAdvisor Service Excellence Awards”, been nominated for a “RASA Rosette Award”, the “HOSCO Restaurant Awards”, “Cafe of the Year Award” with COFFEE Magazine, and short-listed for the “Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards”.


It has been named one of the “Top 20 Iconic South African Restaurants” by Eat-Out Magazine, and has been published in “Food and Home Magazine”, “Sarie Kos Magazine”, “Pretoria News”, “Sunday Times”, featured by “MNET Kyknet VIA: DIS”, as well as “Kitskos Koningskos” and has been aired on Jacaranda FM and R.S.G. Radio.


Michelle Cronje-Cibulka leads her team - of mostly raw novices and newcomers to the industry and shapes them into skilled managers, baristas, chefs, bakers, and waiters.


Teaching industry, life-style, financial and self-empowerment skills to apply in every-day living and survival, her core aim has been to make a difference in the communities and households of the team members, and create a greater transparency in cultural differences and the understanding thereof, whilst providing a product and service of outstanding quality and affordability.

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