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crispy cheesy potato and pecorino pizza snack

The day is gathering, birds chirping, balmy breeze swaying through the trees, neighbour’s creepy crawling in the next-door pool, someone has lit a fire upwind, hubby and the teenager has taken to a bag of biltong and have placed themselves strategically around the couches and dogs to prepare for the rugby happening soon… sun is out and the fridge is stocked with leftover braai-chops and salads for a late-afternoon feast…

To stretch the day further with minimal effort in the hunting and gathering department… I’m taking to the kitchen for a laissez-faire snack to decorate the counter with

Found two frozen pizza bases in the freezer whilst scavenging this morning - since that power-outage stint we crunched through in July, I’ve been keeping perishables in the freezer to a minimum - poses a bit of extra effort having to trek on out to the shops more regularly for top-ups, but the riots have died down luckily, and it the Covid waves have subsided into a low tide ripple…

Nonetheless - being not too inventive today, I forage into the bottom drawer for some potatoes, pop 4 of them into a pot of water on the stove, and boil them until soft with the skin on

Being a keen harvester of cheese I slice up an entire wedge of pecorino and scatter the slices over the two bases, following with the boiled potatoes thinly sliced. I grind some salt and pepper liberally over the top, gather some fresh rosemary around the corner of the house at the veggie patch, and finish the toppings off with a good glug of olive oil - drizzling it over dramatically

I pop the pizzas into the oven for 40 minutes on 180’C to fire away 🔥, pour a good old gin and tonic - and bask in the sun-rays of the early day waiting for the bell to signal the completion of a crispy cheesy potato and pecorino pizza snack that is sure to draw forgiveness on all the possible bad referee decisions this afternoon.


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