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Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Yes - there are many many versions of this… I like quite a bit of gloss so I add maple syrup…

• use a good quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%

• normally I go equal quantities, so for a cake this size I would use 200grams chocolate and 200ml fresh cream

• put some slow velvety music on

I recommend

- Etta James: At last my love… ❤️

and slowly heat the cream in a pot on the stove (do not bring to the boil!) and remove from the heat

• smash the chocolate slabs - whilst still in their wrappers, unceremoniously with a short whack-like movement on the counter, and open up over the pot of heated cream, dropping the shards directly into the cream

• give a couple (2-3) minutes, put the song on repeat, add 1/4 cup maple syrup, and slowly stir the chocolate into the cream while singing along with Etta

• cover nicely and leave to cool - you can put this in the fridge, thing is, if it gets too hard you have to whip this into a frosting with an electric beater - gives a different kind of look and feel all together, but will be equally luxurious…

• when ready to use, (and the mixture has solidified into a thick spread) stir gently with a palette knife and ice away

• If dear Etta is still on the speaker, make a cup of warm milk and drop a spoon-full 🥄 or two of the chocolate ganache into the hot milk for a blissful hot chocolate

** side-note:

and if by now Etta is not needed in the background anymore and you are comfortably booming away with ‘My love’ perhaps now is a good time to add a shot of artisan rum to that cup of milk as well… 🎵 ☺️


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