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Lockdown 26 March to 16 April 2020


Please refer to for the official communication from the Honourable Minister of Tourism.

This is a very important message to ALL restaurants, take aways, QSR's, canteens and any hospitality food establishments in South Africa.

I have been given directive from the Ministers Office to advise our industry that ALL restaurants are included in the TOTAL LOCKDOWN for 21 DAYS, effective Thursday 26th March 2020 @ 00:00 until Thursday 16th April @ 00:00

This includes all deliveries, take aways or home deliveries.

There is no exception to any alternative circumstances or any loop holes whatsoever.

There will be NO exceptions made for any type of food service continue to trade.

I would furthermore like to take this opportunity to encourage our restauranteurs to act responsibly and to help the country slow the curve.

We understand the industries challenges concerns and the financial impact this has brought into all our businesses. While economic losses for restaurants, entrepreneurs and employees would be severe at this time, the opportunity cost of being able to resume trade in 21 days with a hopefully muted COVID19 threat is worth it.

Our Industry respects President Ramaphosa’s leadership and we will continue to support the country’s leadership as they guide us through these very uncertain times.

Let’s trust that this process will allow us to get back to trading as normal as soon as possible and we can look forward to a positive reopening of the restaurant industry in the near future.

I welcome you to please contact me at any time to assist you with advice to obtain loans or access the announced funding and to assist with your leases and or any other challenges that you may have at this point in time.

Please discard ANY other information circulated at this point in time, should there be any confusion please contact the Association or whatsapp me on 083 661 9000

I will continue to serve you as best as possible and I'll continue to communicate with you through this very difficult and challenging time.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

I wish you a safe and healthy time with your families take care of each other. Thinking of you all. Wendy

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