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Introducing: Team member - Giselle van As

Born and bred Pretoria Dorpsmeisie, my friend of 26 years, an Afro-Boer co-owner, and fellow female “WHAT-A-WOMAN” makes the one thing on National Women’s Day I never have to worry about when she is around…

Malva Pudding… (in my favourite mooi blou kommetjie bak!)

After Giselle - with seriously obvious Dutch Heritage - matriculated at Afrikaans Hoër Meisieskool, on the open road ahead, that’s where we met. In fact… this small blonde dynamite taught me how to waitress! The ease with which she took to the hard-working hospitality industry has taken her on many travels near and far… from working farmlands in Israel, taking sailboats to Greece, gracing Waterfronts and Winelands, Hoteling up North in Ghana with a serious sense of adventure, and finally, turning back South…

When it was time to come back to our Dorp, she did… and unpacked her ossewa against the night-sky of the Southern Cross… Holding true to her values and heritage we salute her with a Dutch Table Prayer - and welcome her home:

Heer, inspireer mij

Geef dat ik U midden in mijn leven


in mijn huis en in mijn werk

en dat ik dat doe

als iets vanzelfsprekends.

U bent geen verre God

op een hoge wolk,

maar een alledaagse God

die leeft in alle mensen.

Laat ik U binnen halen

in die stad

en vierin

als de man van Nazareth,

midden in de menigte

en dan maar hopen

dat U even

mijn kant opkijkt

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