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Mother's Day Community Project

We are so excited about our Mother's Day Community Project that we are launching this year.

From mothers to mothers:

Please donate 20 items from your home to a community in need this Winter.

And to say thank you, you can have any meal on the house, with a glass of wine or cappuccino.

Please drop-off your donations at the door next to The Spaza Shoppe, before making your way to the restaurant.

We will arrange transport and delivery of all items during the week of 15 May.

Items to consider:

Linen l Blankets & Duvets l Pillows l Curtains l Pots & Pans

Kitchen Utensils l Tupperware l Winter Clothing Babies, Kids or Adults l Shoes l Toiletries l Crockery l Books

Looking forward to see you!

Kind Regards


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