Autumn In Season

May 2, 2018

the daylight has been sleeping a little bit later every morning it seems…

the sun slightly softer, thinner, and a little less protruding – almost as if preparing for hibernation


driving up the road I can see the shimmer of red and gold starting to shake down from the tips of the trees…

the air slightly sweaked with a bite of freshness when opening up shop


we are harvesting radishes by the bright red and green bunch, displaying them everywhere in water

must say, something can be said about the smell of freshly harvested vegetables… the dirt still smelling earthy, makes one want to pull up everything and start cooking away…


we have been playing around with some autumn ideas…

fresh rye bread buttered topped with thinly sliced radishes, mashed avo, pomegranate seeds, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze…

spaghetti with lemony cream sauce and shaved courgette ribbons fried in garlic fresh thyme and olive oil


of course I’m in love with our pinot noir and rose wines this time of year –

happily pairing them off with our new sophisticated house-smoked duck salad with samphire, pomegranate and citrus-sesame oil dressing

and the dark chocolate cheesecake on the celebration menu… just fits into the gaps of creamy and dreamy!


Mieliebrood is looking good, steamy with butter melting away, think we can rummage up some bacon and a soft egg to catch the flavours before autumn falls away…





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