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For me, most of life begins and ends with the sharing and celebration of food.

I am an Afro-Boer. An African Traveller is who I am, and what I love doing. The name describes all that I grew up to become - my soul a travelling boeremeisie with my heart in Afrika Motherland. I have European roots, some traditional sentiment, an Afrikaans heritage, a love for the African continent: including all its colours, flavours, eccentricities, combinations, cultures, music, arts, writers and composers... and a somewhat French temperament!

The feel of my café is very uniquely non-traditional but could very well include a bit of zulu on my stoep and boerekos in my kitchen.

I am creating a place where I can wear a Madiba t-shirt whilst walking over a Nguni-cowskin to my fresh boere beskuit on some painted antique afrikana shelf, soulfully humming along to Ladysmith Black Mombasa jiving in the background...

A place where I can revere over verses once written by Uys Kruge, and reminisce over an old secret recipe-pudding I would like to serve in a blikbord.

This, I want to share with the people around me. This I want people to remember as if sitting at their own kitchen tables whilst food is slowly and lovingly being prepared by hand.

All of this, I combine in my eatery, aiming to set a slower pace, but one with a bit of meaning... and possibly some celebration!


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