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Reservations for reservations dial: 012 807 3099

should you wish to send an email:

unfortunately reservation emails sent are not reserved until confirmed with a reply

- during peak times e-mail responses could be delayed until day-end


we try our best to track everything everywhere, but unfortunately, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp reservations can not be guaranteed as a reservation unless you have received a confirmation reply, as we tend to miss them when in service


we recommend making a reservation early enough as to avoid disappointment

when we suddenly fill up we do cap our reservations on the hour to be able to accommodate walk-ins as best we can


due to the Covid-19 capacity restrictions, seating, and availability might unfortunately be specified and allocated in a less than ideal way to adhere to the social distancing protocols


yes it’s a frustrating struggle - the tables you see open when walking in could very well be reserved!


we accommodate a waiting list within the framework and parameters of our product and service, and we do apologize if we are unable to accommodate you, and we apologize profusely if we have to show you away - or to the Café Deli side once capacity has been reached!


we endeavor to continue to bring even more menu-style self-serve sit-down options for a more rewarding bottom-garden experience, and will carry on forging through these restrictions with new ideas to make your stay as welcome and comfortable as possible in this current mask-wearing no-contact environment

- reservation policy - 

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