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For me, most of life begins and ends with the sharing and celebration of food.


I am an Afro-Boer. An African Traveller is who I am, and what I love doing. The name describes all that I grew up to become - my soul a travelling boeremeisie with my heart in Afrika Motherland. I have European roots, some traditional sentiment, an Afrikaans heritage, a love for the African continent: including all its colours, flavours, eccentricities, combinations, cultures, music, arts, writers and composers... and a somewhat French temperament!


The feel of my café is very uniquely non-traditional but could very well include a bit of zulu on my stoep and boerekos in my kitchen.


I am creating a place where I can wear a Madiba t-shirt whilst walking over a Nguni-cowskin to my fresh boere beskuit on some painted antique afrikana shelf, soulfully humming along to Ladysmith Black Mambazo jiving in the background...


A place where I can revere over verses once written by Uys Kruge, and reminisce over an old secret recipe-pudding I would like to serve in a blikbord.


This, I want to share with the people around me. This I want people to remember as if sitting at their own kitchen tables whilst food is slowly and lovingly being prepared by hand.


All of this, I combine in my eatery, aiming to set a slower pace, but one with a bit of meaning... and possibly some celebration!


With our 10th year of existence this month, our wanderings have finally reached the place to where we would venture into evening trade. With our proteas firmly in our hair, and the stars our guide, please join in our adventure towards an evening wine and food journey.


Our story starts early in the morning, and ends when the music hushes into prayer, and the dim closing light at the end of the day fades over the glasses and floors…

tomorrow is another day


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Celebration cakes, tarts, quiches,sweet &savoury platters,cake boxes & picnic boxes


a baker’s café

Afro-Boer follows a food philosophy of farm-to-plate, self-harvesting,  Slow Food - preserving and recognizing heritage in all African and South African food cultures -  and incorporates a style of home-made, hand-made and wholesome foods.


café deli

- a place to pause…

So… “a green room is a room in a theatre or studio in which performers can relax when they are not performing”

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