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please keep all fluffies on a leash at all times

- Although we love all shapes and sizes of all walking flying and crawling critters, quackies, and the very aloof felines…

- all the woofs have to please be kept next to their owners at all times

- Unfortunately not all youngsters, fellow patrons and canines are expected to be socialized at Afro-Boer to the extent the freedom of dog parks would offer, so unfortunately for the safety and sake of everyone on the premises, we insist - leash on,

or buddy has to wait in the car - no matter how friendly and loving


Health and Safety regulations specify that for the Baker’s Café and Café Deli, only service dogs will be allowed inside the seated area in the buildings

To access the freedom of the bottom garden and benches, please make use of the Café Deli side for take-away refreshments and a doggy treat for the four-legged family member

- due to the Covid-19 restrictions, access to the bottom garden through the Baker’s Café side has been closed off we thank you for your understanding







afro-boer is a non-smoking establishment

we do not allow any smoking at the tables

we do however allow smoking on the benches in the bottom garden at the Café Deli side,

or at the stone-walled vegetable patch in the top corner overlooking the gate at the Baker’s Café side

we thank you for your understanding

- dog policy - 

- smoking policy - 

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