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- stoep celebrations - 

Now if life should not only be lived, but also celebrated…

then a proper approach is going to make sure that the people of our time, do not forget to do just that.


Be it a life, a birthday, a new arrival to this world… a memory or a homecoming…

we combine and compile all sorts of options and assortments from cakes, tarts and quiches, to high teas,

aiming to connect emotion and food with lasting sentiment…


it’s life

- live it, fill it, toast it

- every day, every minute…

Trading Hours:

Monday - Sunday 07h00-18h00

(Kitchen closes at 17h30)



012 807 3099 / 078 457 6616 (WhatsApp only please)


#1 Meerlust Office Park Meerlust Avenue, C/O Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Equestria (entrance in Meerlust Avenue) 

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