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Vin de pêches

Literally translated as Peach Wine, but more-so an apéritif of peaches, 

or nectarines whichever you prefer… 

I place a “drunken peach halve” like my friend would say - 

in a champagne coupe glass, top half-way with the peach wine, 

and then fill up this boozy base with a bright chilled Prosecco for bubbles and sparkle 

Get a nice big 1.5 liter Consol jar with screw-on lid scrubbed and boiled 

Peaches need to be skinned ideally, otherwise they turn brown over time… 

(if storing is the plan) 

So gently wash 6 large bold yellow peaches 

Put in boiling water for 2 minutes, scoop out and gently slip off the skins and layer in the jar 

(if you don't want to fuss just slice the washed fruit in half, remove the stone and load peaches 

and stones into the jar - if you have extra stones from the peaches you've eaten whilst counting 

off the six for the aperitif thats enhancing the flavour even better!) 

On the stove gently simmer until sugar is dissolved: 

1 x vanilla pod - sliced in half and seeds and pod added 

2 x cups dry white wine 

1 x cup sugar 

Pour over the peaches in the jar - add the vanilla pod too 

Now add a bottle of Vodka - just pour it over, Stolichnaya, Smirnoff 1818, whichever you prefer 

Seal the jar - store in the fridge 

Leave sealed for three weeks tipping the jar gently every so often in the passing, nothing more 

than a gently shake to keep things stirred up 

It’s an interesting wait - this end of year celebratory wine from fruit… like a warm closing of 

sorts, the end in sight and a ritual preparation to see its passing with the golden hues of vanilla 

peach and Prosecco - looking back into the shadows and forward into the setting sun - with 

sparkle and cheer to what is rising ahead in the year to come. 

Wishing everyone all the best that is to come with this new year that is upon us 

May your experiences be rich, 

your lessons be significant, 

and may all your new memories be bold and blissfully golden


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