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What do you call someone that loves books? A Book Keeper!! Books are what we are all about. Some old and some new, but if it is a magical story you are after, do not look any further.... Welcome to The Book Keeper Shop

Rachelle is the founder and owner of The Book Keeper Shop. She was born and raised in Springs, a town East of Johannesburg.

After earning her B.Com. Accounting degree, she completed her three years of audit articles as well as her honnours degree in Accounting.

Books, literature and languages have always been her passion. Owning a little independent book shop has been a dream ever since she had set foot in a "real big book store" in London in 1997.

She is married to her best friend and is mother to a pigeon pair.

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Trading Hours:

Monday - Saturday  09h00-15h00


Email: sales@thebookkeepershop.co.za

012 807 3099 / 078 457 6616 (WhattsApp only please)


#1 Meerlust Office Park Meerlust Avenue, C/O Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Equestria (entrance in Meerlust Avenue) 

- beauty within - 


Vandat ek 7 jaar oud is het ek geweet ek wil mense bederf!

Wat 'n voorreg was dit om te kon studeer ...

Dankie Pa, Ma vir die geleenthede wat jul vir my kon gee het, vir dissipline en om te weet wat dit is om hard te werk en te kan geniet wat ek doen!

Ek het vir 9 jaar lank gewerk in salonne en het toe besluit om my eie besigheid oop te maak, nou 17 jaar terug.

Ek wou graag saam my geliefde vriendin Linda, 'n salon ( Beauty Within) oopmaak, hartseer hoor ons sy het kanker. In die 3 jaar van siek wees het ek haar bederf met been en voet masserings!

Sy het vir my 'n brieg gelos na haar afsterwe en my kom seën met 'n gebed "Mag ons Vader jou seën en altyd na jou kyk". Wat 'n groot geskenk.

My belewenis om my salon 7 keer te trek was vir my moeilik, maar 'n groot avontuur.

Ek het geweet met elke trek dat ons Vader se hand oor my was en nogsteeds is! My menswees is so afhanklik van God, ek rus in die wete dat God vir my voorsien en sorg!

elke salon was spesiaal en 'n ervaring!

Vandag 'n wit huise Beauty Within!

die wit huisie voel soos 'n pophuis en 'n ware tuiste!

'n Plekkie wat ek, my personaal en kliente kan geniet!

ek dra die huisie op aan my geliefste vriendin Linda!

Lof id die offer wat ek aan my VAder wil bring.

Hy het voorsien!

Liefde, Izaan

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Trading Hours:

Monday - Saturday  09h00-17h00

Email:  beautywithin209@gmail.com

Tel:  083 627 9077


#1 Meerlust Office Park Meerlust Avenue, C/O Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Equestria (entrance in Meerlust Avenue) 

- from the earth - 



"So much beauty we need to look after." -

My inspiration for opening my little shop. 
To me, From the earth - for MATT & JOSH literally means to stock, buy and introduce products that are natural and sustainable in order to ensure a future filled with nature and wildlife for our children.


And hopefully at the same time inspire and educate buyers that better choices ARE available - we just have to look for them.
There is so much beauty around us, beauty we are slowly destroying daily with our buying choices.

You can decide to make a difference.
Every day, with every purchasing choice.
Sustainable/better/eco/natural alternatives are here.

Evil prevails when good people do nothing - let's create a plastic free, toxin free world X

The best part of being part of this group of amazing women, is that all of us feel passionate about sustainable/eco/local choices, which gets me really excited about the future! 

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Trading Hours:

Monday & Tuesdays 9am to 3pm

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am till 4pm

Saturday 9am till 2pm and Sundays 9am till 12pm


Email: formattandjosh@planmepretty.co.za

081 546 7131 / 083 658 4814


SHOP 11 #1 Meerlust Office Park Meerlust Avenue, C/O Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Equestria (entrance in Meerlust Avenue) 

- resonance - 


Resonance Lifestyle Hearing Centre

We aim to offer you solutions that keep you engaged and on the move in your demanding and busy lifestyle. Technology is an integral part of a modern-day working professional's life - why not include hearables, hearing protection and hearing aid technology as part of that?

Resonance is geared towards changing people's perspective – focusing on how hearing loss can be viewed differently and treated in a modernized way. Hearing loss no longer needs to be seen as a debilitating condition – but rather an opportunity to use technology to your advantage.

Having access to devices that seamlessly slot in with your everyday life, work, conversations, and other electronic devices is an exciting prospect - helping you experience hearing like you’ve always imagined!

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Melani neiteler

Speech-, Language and Hearing Therapists

Spraak-, Taal-, en Gehoorterapuete

Phone: 074 122 5231   l    E-mail: melanineiteler@gmail.com

Trading Hours:

Monday - Friday  08h00 - 16h00


Email: reception@resonancelifestyle.co.za

010 109 3420 / 068 086 9324 (WhattsApp only please)


SHOP 5 #1 Meerlust Office Park Meerlust Avenue, C/O Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Equestria (entrance in Meerlust Avenue) 

- the pretoria products shop - 


I started the Pretoria Products platform in 2020 during lockdown to support promote and uplift Local Makers and creatives.

The platform grew into 6 beautiful and stylish markets and finally I opened 2 retails shops during 2021.

Here we are now in 2022...ready for whatever the future holds.

Our online store is next priority and looking forward to getting the beautiful products in my shop in your hands.

We do specialized Giftboxes, wedding gifts, corporate and whatever occasion you might need a special gift for.

We courier nationwide.

Thank you for supporting my small business. It means the world to me

Personal note: I do life with my 12 year old son Noah, I love dancing, yoga, creating and India.

Love, Linda

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Trading Hours:

Monday to Friday 10h00 - 16h00

Saturday  10h00 - 14h00 

Sunday 10h00 - 13h00

Email: products@pretoriaproducts.co.za

084 515 8620 


SHOP 6  #1 Meerlust Office Park Meerlust Avenue, C/O Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Equestria (entrance in Meerlust Avenue)